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She is currently starring as Kendra, Max's roomate in Jim Cameron and Chick Eglee's "Dark Angel," which airs on Fox every Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. "Dark Angel" is produced by LightStorm entertainment's President, Rae Sanchini, and is currently in production in Vancouver, B.C..

With Jessica Alba on the first episode of Fox's, "Dark Angel"

Jennifer once said that acting is like having a conversation that someone else wrote.
Acting is a passion that Jennifer has pursued from a very early age.
As far as her career is concerned, she receives many scripts, all of which she reads, and she is very particular about which films and TV projects she becomes involved in. Film is her main interest, but she also loves television and the stage.
From the feature film, "The Ride"
Acting opposite Michael Biehn on "The Ride"
She had a recurring role on the TV series, "Grace Under Fire," playing Brett Butler's step-daughter (and Allen Autry's daughter) on the Show. Jennifer also appeared in "The Client," starring John Heard and Jo Beth Williams, and "Sweet Justice" starring Melissa Gilbert and "Dead At Twenty One," with Jack Noseworthy.

Before television, Jennifer starred at the age of 14 on Broadway in "Brighton Beach Memoirs," written by Neil Simon And directed by Gene Saks. She worked on the project with Jonathan Silverman, Robert Sean Leonard, Nancy Travis, Chuck Cioffi, and Elizabeth Perkins. Throughout her teens and up to the present, Jennifer has done lots of voice-overs and commercials (including voice-overs for the film, "The Crow").


In the last couple of years, Jennifer co-starred in the film "Dead Men Can't Dance," distributed by Live Entertainment. She starred opposite Michael Biehn in "The Ride" and did the film "Sleep Tight," written by James Purdy and directed by Kenneth Bower, which was broadcast throughout Europe as well as on the A & E Network.

She played Tori Spelling's best friend in "Awake From Dark" and starred opposite Alicia Silverstone and Jarod Leto in the made-for-Showtime movie "The Cool and the Crazy" (Part of the "Rebel Highway" special) directed by Ralph Bakshi. She also starred opposite Will Wheaton in the made-for-HBO production, "Life Lessons" (based on a true story), in the episode called, "A Deadly Secret." Directed by Risa Bramon Garcia (of "One Hundred and One Cigarettes" fame).
With Alicia Sliverstone in, "The Cool and the Crazy"
Jennifer has starred in many Movie-of-the-Week productions, as well as cable movies. She's starred opposite Shannen Doherty as her psycho/nemesis in the made-for-TV movie, "Friends 'Til The End," for NBC.
A romantic scene with Scott Wolf in an early episode of "Party of Five"
She spent one-and-a-half seasons playing Scott Wolf's (Bailey) first true love, "Kate" on the TV series "Party of Five."
Jennifer has a very extensive resume. Her TV career includes having been a series regular for 3 seasons on the Paramount NBC Show, "The Mommies", in which she played a ditsy half-witted "Tiffany," loved for her silly laugh!
Performing On Stage with Beth MacDonald in "The Renovation".
Fighting with Shannen Doughterty on, "Friends Til The End"
In a steamy love scene with Jason London in, "Friends Til The End"
Other upcoming projects include, "Bar Hop" written by Lauren Fox. "Bar Hop" will be directed by Hailey Fox and produced by Jean Fox of Fox-Albert Management Co. Michael Biehn is set to co-star in this one as well.
With Noele Parker as a pair of beautiful witches in "Early Edition". They just can't get him to eat that toad!
Jennifer appeared with Noele Parker in a guest starring role on "Early Edition" for CBS and also appeared in an episode of "Providence" which aired on April 2nd.
From a violent scene in, "Dead Men Can't Dance."


Jennifer is represented by Will Morse of Burnstein Co., by Jean Fox in New York and by the Writers and Artists Agency in Los Angeles.

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Dancing passionately in, "The Cool and the Crazy."
A still from the steamy opening scene of "Kiss Tomorrow Good-by"
Jennifer as Dorothy in a school production of "Wizard of Oz".
Jennifer plays "Laurie" with her cousin "Nora" (played by Wendy Gazelle) in the Broadway production of "Brighton Beach Memoirs" at the Forty Sixth Street Theater.
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