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Click here for more pictures from, "Dark Angel"!

With Jessica Alba on the first episode of Fox's, "Dark Angel"

With Vince Young before his audition for "Beverly Hills, 90201"
Proudly displaying her new tattoo.
With Will Wheaton during the shooting of, "A Deadly Secret."
From the TV movie, "The Ride"
A light moment at a dinner during the shooting of "The Expendables". From Left to Right: Idalis deLeon, Jennifer's mom Jenise, Jennifer, Robin Givens, Christy Conoway, Tempest Bledsoe.
From "Early Edition."
Fighting with Shannen Doughterty on "Friends Til The End"
With Adrian Paul at a birthday party in Jennifer's honor. This was taken right after they had finished working on "Dead Men Can't Dance" together.
During the taping of an episode of "Party of Five"
A snapshot of "the band" taken during the filming of, "Friends Til The End." From Left to Right: Cliff Dorfman, Jason London, Jennifer, Shannen Doherty, and John Livingston.

On The Set Of "Dark Angel" . . .
With Richard Gunn
With Jessica
Jennifer's mother Jenise, with Jennifer's chair.

Click here to go to Pictures of Jennifer on the Red Carpet at the People's Choice Awards!
Jennifer recently appeared on, "The X Show." She's about to host a show in Mexico.
From her recent interview in "Entertainment Teen" Magazine (January, 2001) -

Jennifer says: "When I come into town, Karen [my trainer] and I go like hard core. She comes to my house or sometimes, we'll meet at the gym."

Jennifer says: "Jessica Alba got me into this soy gelati in Vancouver [where we film] and it tastes exactly like ice cream."

Jennifer says: "I think one of the things the creators are excited about is that Max is really fit, Cindy's very muscular, and I'm very curvy, so it's like all the representations of teenagers."

From her recent interview in, "Teen Celebrity" Magazine (March, 2001) -

What's your character, Kendra, like on the show?

Jennifer: Max is a genetically enhanced girl and Kendra's her roommate. She's also a good friend of hers, very different from Max in many ways. She cooks; she speaks Japanese; she like boys a lot. Her life revolves around dating, going out, partying and dressing in frilly clothes. Max has a little more toughness going on.

What are your similarities with Kendra?

Jennifer: A lot. I don't wear quite as outrageous clothing as she does, but I kind of like to wear attention-getting clothes. She spends a lot of time at home, and I love that, too. For years, I loved going out to clubs and partying, so there are definitely similarities.

How about your differences?

Jennifer: I don't speak Japanese; I don't really cook (Kendra is a really good cook). i've also been more like a steady boyfriend person in my real life.

Describe what you think makes the perfect girl.

Jennifer: I guess someone who is strong and self-reliant in many ways, who can also open up and ask for wha they need. And somebody who does their own thing and doesn't have to follow a certain group of people to feel okay. I think someone who is confident but not cocky.

Newest Photos -
Jennifer, her mother and Richrd Gunn have lunch together.
Looks like good news coming out of that cellphone!
Clowning around at home.

Christmas, 2000 at Two Bunch Palms Resort -From left to right, Jennifer's stepfather, Randy; Jennifer's mother, Jenise; Jennifer and Richard Gunn


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